West Harrison Hawkeyes
  October, 2020
8:00am School Pictures-
4:00pm Volleyball-G/Jr. High Westwood
6:00pm Volleyball-G/JV Exira-Elk-Horn-Kimballton
7:30pm Volleyball-G/Varsity Exira-Elk-Horn-Kimballton
7:00pm Football-Varsity Boyer Valley Volleyball-JV  (Cancelled)
4:00pm Volleyball-G/Jr. High Exira-Elk Horn-Kimballton Middle School
4:30pm Football-Jr. High Siouxland Christian
Cross Country-JV/Varsity  (Cancelled)
5:00pm Cross Country-G/JV/Varsity Woodbine
8:00am ASVAB Testing for Jrs-
4:00pm Volleyball-G/Jr. High West Monona
Volleyball-JV  (Postponed)
Volleyball-Varsity  (Postponed)
1:30pm 1:30 Early Release - Professional Development- 4:00pm Volleyball-G/Jr. High Boyer Valley
5:00pm Cross Country-B/JV/Varsity Boyer Valley
5:00pm Cross Country-G/JV/Varsity Boyer Valley
7:00pm Football-Varsity Ar-We-Va
4:00pm Volleyball-G/Jr. High Whiting
Football-Jr. High  (Cancelled)
5:00pm Cross Country-G/JV/Varsity OABCIG
5:00pm Cross Country-B/JV/Varsity OABCIG
Volleyball-JV  (Cancelled)
Volleyball-Varsity  (Cancelled)
6:00pm Volleyball-G/Varsity Audubon 6:30pm Regular Monthly Board Meeting- SWICDA HS Honor Choir-
4:30pm Football-Jr. High Coon Rapids - Bayard JH
7:00pm Football-Varsity Boyer Valley IHSMA State Marching Festival-
9:00am Volleyball-G/Varsity Woodbine vs. Multiple Schools
10:00am Cross Country-G/JV/Varsity Missouri Valley
10:00am Cross Country-B/JV/Varsity Missouri Valley
No School - Professional Development-
7:00pm Volleyball-G/Varsity Westwood
7:00pm Broadway Bound Concert- Last Day of First Quarter-
1:30pm 1:30 Early Release - Professional Development-
First Day of Second Quarter-
Cross Country-JV/Varsity  (Postponed)
Cross Country-JV/Varsity  (Postponed)
Football-Jr. High  (Cancelled)
3:00pm Cross Country-G/JV/Varsity Audubon
3:00pm Cross Country-B/JV/Varsity Audubon
All-State Auditions-
K-12 Parent Teacher Conferences-
1:30pm 1:30 Early Release-
K-12 Parent Teacher Conferences-
1:30pm 1:30 Early Release-
No School - Teacher Comp Day- SWIBA MS Honor Band Auditions-